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Resolved (and extended): Re: OT: Belkin F1DS104J KVM and PCs on a UPS

Thanks to all who replied!

Everybody had good points.  I ended up putting the unit on the non-battery 
side of the UPS (just because I was out of outlets on the battery side and 
didn't want to take the time / space to add a powerstrip or such (space is 
tight behind / under my desk)).  I usually feel that the surge suppression 
there is better than on some inexpensive powerstrips.

In the course of plugging in a power supply for a laptop (which was the reason 
to switch from a 2-port KVM to a 4-port KVM), I accidentally tripped the power 
to the KVM switch with no ill effects, that is, the computer did not lose its 
communication to the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and, after I repowered the 
KVM, I could switch between the computers as before the power loss, so I'm not 
worried about not being on the UPS.

I did learn some things (one mentioned above), another is:

   * the KVM has inputs for either a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, or a USB 
keyboard and mouse.  My mouse is USB and my keyboard is PS/2.  I found that if 
I plugged the keyboard into the PS/2 port and the mouse into a USB port, that 
would not work for the most finicky computer.  I added a USB to PS/2 converter 
plug to the mouse, plugged them both into USB ports on the KVM, and now things 

   * the output from the KVM (to the computer) has one USB cable and one PS/2 
cable.  After I did the above, I was able to plug the PS/2 cable into the 
keyboard port on the computer, and the USB cable into a USB plug, and the 
mouse and keyboard both worked.  (I thought I might have to add another USB to 
PS/2 converter plug so that I could plug both cables into the PS/2 ports on 
the computer.

   * The other (desktop) computer I consider less finicky.  (Because, when I 
tried to set it up with the inexpensive 4-port all USB KVM that I bought on 
ebay, it worked with no trouble, the finicky computer would not, even when I 
used things like a cable splitter and USB to PS/2 converter plugs) to plug 
into either both PS/2 "jacks" or two USB ports on the computer (or the various 
possible combinations of one each))

   Anyway, this less finicky computer has only one PS/2 ports, colored half 
pink and half gray, and apparently can work for either a PS/2 mouse or a PS/2 
keyboard (or maybe even both with some kind of "combiner cable").

   I ended up plugging the PS/2 cable from the KVM into the PS/2 port on the 
computer and the USB cable into a USB port, and both the mouse and keyboard 
work.  I didn't try any other approaches, I mean, I didn't try to see if only 
one of the KVM output cables connected to the computer would be sufficient.

   I am just a little worried that maybe the mouse and keyboard signals are 
going into both the PS/2 port and a USB port, and that maybe someday I'll 
encounter some kind of problem because of that, but, for now I'm happy that 
everything (on these two computers) seems to be working ok through the KVM.

I do have another OT problem related to the laptop and the existing 
installation of Windows on it.  I'll describe that problem later (in a new 
thread) to see if anyone can help.

Thanks again to the list and those who replied!

On Thursday, January 30, 2020 08:36:32 AM Roger Price wrote:
> Speaking from experience, another reason to put the KVM switch on the UPS
> is protection from power surges.  I live in a lightning prone area, and I
> have lost expensive gear because ancilliary stuff such as a KVM switch
> with a wired connection to PCs was not protected.

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