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Re: xdvi refresh

On Wed 15 Jan 2020 at 08:00:50 (+0100), tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 08:16:17PM +0000, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> > On Debian 10 (Buster), running latex does not cause refresh of xdvi,
> > as I seem to recall that it does on Debian 8 and 9.  Instead, I must
> > click on the screen for refresh.
> > 
> > Having read the xdvi man page, I think this could be corrected by
> > invoking:
> > 
> > xdvi -watchfile 1 <filename.tex> &
> It should be, yes. Note that there is an X resource you can set
> (.watchFile). Perhaps it was set in an earlier packaged version
> of xdvi. Perhaps just your .xdvirc disappeared.
> So try to put
>   *watchFile: 1
> in your ~/.xdvirc, perhaps it helps.

I was put off suggesting this file because mine is headed by:

!!! ~/.xdvirc, used by xdvi(1) to save user preferences.
!!! Do not edit this file, it will be overwritten by xdvi.
!!! This file contains resources that have been set via the
!!! menus/dialogs. The contents of this file will override
!!! the entries in your ~/.Xdefaults file (but not the command
!!! line arguments passed to xdvi). Remove this file
!!! if you want to get rid of all these customizations,
!!! or start xdvi with the `-q' option to ignore this file.

In addition, the "configuration" file appears to behave as a
history file as well, and I usually prefer not to use them
(eg I use .lesshst, but .bash_history is a largeish readonly

For these reasons, I thought .Xresources might be a better location.
(Untested, because I don't use xdvi nowadays. I keep a couple of
old DVIs around, one dating from 1990, as test files.)


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