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Re: Reply-default etiquette (was Re: KISS gpg)

On Thursday 31 October 2019 12:10:01 Nicolas George wrote:

> The Wanderer (12019-10-31):
> > IMO, the correct behavior should indeed be the same for lists as for
> > private mail: reply to the source from which you received the
> > message.
> ... and everybody who got it too.
> For example, if I reply to:
> # From: Colleague
> # To: Me
> # Cc: Boss
> it should be:
> # From: Me
> # To: Colleague
> # Cc: Boss
> > I am subscribed to dozens of mailing lists, and have been active on
> > most or all of them at various points in time. To get reply behavior
> > to be correct on all of them, I would need to set Reply-To to a
> > different value for each one.
> You do not need that because most mailing-list software does it for
> you: if you are subscribed to the mailing-list and there is no
> reply-to address in your mail, it sets it to the list.
> Debian is amongst the few mailing-lists that do not do that. This
> comes from the influence of the dogmatic people who wrote the infamous
> “"Reply-To" Munging Considered Harmful” document and designed a
> suboptimal solution instead.
> > I know of no way to get a mail client to automatically set Reply-To
> > differently depending on what message is being replied to
> Possible with Mutt:
> send-hook . "unmy_hdr Reply-To:"
> send-hook ~Cdebian-user@lists.debian.org my_hdr "Reply-To:
> debian-user@lists.debian.org"
> > It should not be the responsibility of every sender to contrive some
> > configuration to automatically set Reply-To (or other non-default)
> > headers correctly for every different mailing list.
> I agree with that. Unfortunately, the Debian mailing-list makes it
> necessary.
> Regards,

And this is something that the kmail of yore, now forked to TDE, makes 
simple. If you sort incoming mail to list yy in its own folder, then it 
is sufficient to name that list in the folder definitions.  I've been 
doing that for so long I'd consider any email agent that does not do 
that, broken.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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