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Re: How to download email messages from Yahoo Groups in Debian?

On 2019-10-26, Gerardo Ballabio <gerardo.ballabio@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you, but I need some more help.
> I've downloaded the script, but the README says that I need to supply
> "the T and Y cookie" and that I should be able to extract them from my
> browser.
> My browser is Firefox. I've checked and it doesn't seem to provide a
> way to extract cookies. Apparently that requires installing an
> extension, and I don't know whether Debian provides that (I'd rather
> avoid installing random extensions from the Internet).

It appears login.yahoo.com creates 2 cookies (named Y and T).

 ./yahoo.py -ct 'YOUR_T_COOKIE' -cy 'YOUR_Y_COOKIE' groupname

Apparently, you paste the value (this is what is meant by the
term "extraction") of the respective cookies (Tools/Web
Developer/Storage Inspector in Firefox as per Jeremy N.) into the
command line above, i.e. 

 ./yahoo.py -ct <T cookie value> -cy <Y cookie value> groupname

This gleaned here:


Good luck.

> Furthermore I don't know what "the T and Y cookie" are and how to find
> them among other cookies.
> Any help will be much appreciated.
> Thanks
> Gerardo
> Il giorno mar 22 ott 2019 alle ore 22:12 Dan Ritter
><dsr@randomstring.org> ha scritto:
>> Gerardo Ballabio wrote:
>> > Hello all,
>> > I've learned that Yahoo Groups is going to drop most of its
>> > functionality, in particular it won't host any user contents any more,
>> > including the email archive.
>> >
>> > I'm a member of a private group, we have an archive of several
>> > thousands email messages that we don't want to lose.
>> >
>> > May I please ask for suggestions on how to mass-download the email
>> > archive from a Debian (Buster) machine?
>> >
>> > I'm not subscribed to this list, please keep me Cc:'d.
>> This
>> https://github.com/nsapa/yahoo-group-archiver
>> should work on Debian without much fussing.
>> -dsr-

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