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What has fowled sshfs in buster

It has worked flawlessly since at least wheezy, but suddenly user 1000 
has no write perms to the sshnet subdir named as argument 2 in the 
command line. this, executed as me, user 1000 on this system

sshfs pi@rpi4:/ /sshnet/rpi4

How can I fix this?

Some background
gene@coyote:/etc/ssh$ ls /sshnet
GO704  hm2_rpspi.c  lathe  picnc  redpitaya  rock64  rpi4  Sheldon  shop  
gene@coyote:/etc/ssh$ sshfs pi@rpi4:/ /sshnet/rpi4
fusermount: user has no write access to mountpoint /sshnet/rpi4

The machines currently not plugged into the network are Sheldon picnc 
rock64 and redpitaya. hm2_rpspi.c is a c source text file.

Thanks all.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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