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Re: Efficient file copy from USB device under Buster.

Should work just fine. If your desktop performance suffers during the file copy, take a look at the bwlimit of rsync. That will allow you tweak how hard rsync hits your disk. Also take a look at the different Linux disk scheduling algorithms available. I mention all this disk related stuff because disk I/O will probably be your bottleneck.

On October 19, 2019 7:40:59 AM CDT, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:
Due to low data cap and doing very customized installs I've generally 
purchased DVD sets {now available on a single flash drive}. The one I
purchased has ISO's of both install and live versions on a single partition.

I wish to copy only the install DVDs to a single partition of:
1. the laptop's internal drive.
2. another USB connected device.

In the past dd has been convenient and appropriate.
This time I want only some of the files in the source directory.
I could use Caja or rsync if my only criteria was minimal keystrokes.

Thinking about this has prompted questions.
1. Using Caja or rsync -- are there options to minimize transfer time.
2. Can I do casual web browsing and email reading at the same time.
3. Can I take advantage of my processor having 2 or more cores.

I suspect I'm asking if Debian does multi-tasking &/or multi-threading.
That question implies I what should I be reading.

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