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Re: at-spi-dbus-launcher not responding

On 10/19/19, Mike Kupfer <mkupfer@alum.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> I have a system running bullseye.  When I try to log out, or shut down,
> from MATE, I invariably get a popup that tells me that
> at-spi-dbus-launcher is not responding.  I click on "logout anyway", and
> the system does eventually log me out, but there's a delay.
> I tried disabling the AT-SPI daemon and the Orca screen reader in my
> startup applications, but that hasn't helped.
> Does anyone know what's going on here?

Hi, mike, I don't know, but, as soon as I read "Orca", I thought of
the Debian-Accessibility list:


The "at-spi-dbus" in your post was familiar from my inbox, but there's
not much left in there about it. Ironically of sorts, I did find this
several year old bug where potentially similar delay activity was
happening during *login* instead of logout:


Apologies if you already know about the Debian-Accessibility list. Good luck!

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with birdseed *

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