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mtkaalund.dk: How to Attract Visitors to Your Site


I noticed something interesting while going through your website, mtkaalund.dk

It's apparent that you have used Adwords marketing to promote your business in the past, however your website does see some organic search traffic here and there. 


Now, I believe I can help increase that portion of organic traffic significantly, at mtkaalund.dk


I believe you would like to come top on searches for keywords related to:  mtkaalund.dk  ... I found a number of SEO issues such as broken links, page speed issue, HTML validation errors, images with no ALT text on your website, that's stopping you from getting that traffic.


How about I fix those, and also promote you through engaging content on relevant places on the web (read, social media).


I guarantee you will see a drastic change in your search ranking and traffic once these issues are fixed. Also, this is one time, so no paying adwords every month.


Is this something you are interested in?


If yes, please allow me to send you a No Obligation Audit Report and quote.

Hoping to hear from you and take this partnership ahead.


Best Regards,
Chand Heath | Digital Marketing Specialist 


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