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Re: New Linux User needs some guidance


(We are discussing this for the archive, as Larry Honaker probably needs
 advise for doing it on MS-Windows.)

Tony van der Hoff wrote:
> cp copies a file onto s file system, bit that's not what's wanted here.

It does indeed. But (at least with our GNU coreutils cp) copying a
data file to a block device file does not replace the device file by
a copied data file but rather copies the data file content into the
block device file.

The proposals at
have been tested at least once. debian-cd will surely accept a bug report
if they do not work any more due to bitrot.

> To create a bootable image from a .iso, you need 'dd', i.e.

dd is a great tool, indeed, and i use it for the purpose out of tradition.
But it does nothing essential for the copied image to be able to work.
Any program run which produces a correct byte-by-byte copy of the image on
the USB stick will do.

For example some useless use of "cat":
  cat image.iso >/dev/sde

> Make sure you identify the correct usb stick for sdx, or you may end up
> overwriting something important.

Yeah. This is a big problem. We'd need a desktop-user-safe GUI tool which
by some AI detects the USB stick which is least worthy of preservation.

Have a nice day :)


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