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Re: New Linux User needs some guidance


i wrote:
> > ... or from a fresh attempt to install the ISO onto the USB stick by
> > one of the ISO-to-stick converters (unetbootin, Rufus, ...).

tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> Oh, they do that? Thanks for teaching me something new :-/

I have no comprehensive knowledge of that topic. Just what i learned
during bug hunts and conversations with people whose projects are
neighbors of mine in respect to bootable ISOs.
Possibly one should explore

In case of Rufus (of which i know the developer as being helpful):
  "Rufus supports a variety of bootable .iso files, including various
   Linux distributions and Windows installation .iso files, [...]
   If needed, it will install a bootloader such as SYSLINUX or GRUB
   onto the flash drive to render it bootable."

The art (and popular point of failure) is to connect the operating system
files from the ISO with the bootloader of the USB stick. This demands
knowledge about what projects like debian-cd or live-wrapper have prepared
for booting, and where in these preparation to join-in by the own bootloader.

For Debian ISOs on USB sticks, i tend to propose Rufus in its no-fuzz "dd"
mode, which is supposed to do what our good old Unix dd does.
This leaves the whole work of booting to debian-cd and live-wrapper
where the user can complain in case of failure.

Have a nice day :)


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