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Re: 3d acceleration broken out of the box on h/w that has been supported correctly in the past.

On 07/10/2019 11.08, DAVID HAND wrote:
> This is present in Buster and Stretch - can't remember precisely when it broke.
> Don't know which package maintainer is responsible, have searched a  lot and found many similar sounding issues yet not been able to fix it myself, nor find active similar bug. Possibly one filed with glx-alternative
> The breakage is fairly innocuous - unless your DE tries to do too much - like KDE Plasma..  However 360 degree videos will without fail be garbled. (I vaguely remember this occurring sometime between Wheezy and Stretch but didn't really pay it much attention at the time). Installation of the proprietary 304xx nvidia driver (in Stretch as no longer included since Buster) changes but does not fix the issue.
> I get the impression it's something to do with the spaghetti of openGL symbolic links, but I'm a little out of my depth.
> Would love to get some help to rectify this one way or another.

Good day David, (well, day with a lot of noise, but that is
relatively uncommon actually),

Last time I had some garbling with libgl links, it was due to a
reinstallation, or update, of "xorg-xserver", which erased an
NVidia specific version of the libgl.so with its own.  Could you
send the output of the following commands:

	$ glxinfo | head
	$ nvidida-smi
	$ lspci | grep VGA

Well, assuming the problem does come from garbled OpenGL libs,
purging then reinstalling the NVidia driver might help, but I am
referring for myself to a situation where the .run file from
NVidia was in use (specific driver qualification in professional
context); not sure how things would work with Debian packaging.

Kind Regards,  :)
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@mailoo.org>
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