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Re: New Linux User needs some guidance

lwhonaker@gmail.com wrote: 
> Briefly, I am a new Linux want-to-be.  I am totally blind, retired computer
> specialist with most of my work experience in the Windows world.  I do have
> a passing knowledge of Unix.

Good news: you're not the only blind Linux user on this list. If
it helps, the installer has support for braille terminals and speech

> Maybe I went too far, in that I copied the first three dvd iso images to the
> 32 GB stick.  Is that an issue?

Yes. You want to copy the first DVD image only, to the raw disk.

If you were starting from another UNIX machine, you might be
doing something like:

dd if=Debian_image.iso  of=/dev/sdc

Where /dev/sdc indicates the unpartitioned destination disk, not
a partition on it (which would be sdc1 or sdc2 ...)


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