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Re: Dependencies et al (was: Default Debian install harassed me)

On Mon 07 Oct 2019 at 13:53:43 +0200, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

> Hi,
> Reco wrote:

> Brian wrote:
> > The non-existence of LDOSUBSCRIBER in a mails's headers says nothing
> > definite about whether the poster is subscribed to the list or reads
> > list mails.
> To my best knowledge, "X-Spam-Status: ... tests=...,LDOSUBSCRIBER,..."
> says that the "From:" address of the mail is subscribed.
> If this sign is missing, the person-like entity which wrote the mail
> could still be subscribed by another address or other means.

Are you sure it is the From: and not the envelope From? My From: is
not subscribed.
> Nevertheless, if i have no other indication then i normally add a "Cc:"
> to the thread starter if i do not see LDOSUBSCRIBER among the spam tests.

On the basis, one supposes, that the situation is unclear and you wish
the poster to know there is a reply to her post.


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