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Re: cannot bring up phpmyadmin in browser, cannot link to mysql

On Sat, 5 Oct 2019 11:51:59 -0400
Dave <debiantechquestions@gmx.com> wrote:

> On our old server we used to access phpmyadmin via
> "oursite.com/phpmyadmin"
> on the new server we have installed phpmyadmin / php / and sql-server
> ...
> we cannot access phpmyadmin.
> also we have not been able to link other programs like wordpress to
> sql or phpmyadmin to sql.
> DEBIAN 9.04
> please advise

Two different issues.

Is MySQL or MariaDb actually running? I recall there are gotchas with
new installations (though of course, not what they were). There is a
security program which must be run after installation, which MySQL used
to do automatically under Debian but MariaDb didn't, and I've no idea
what the situation is today. If you installed MariaDb, there should
have been an instruction about this.

Check netstat -tpan.

Do you have a line with containing :3306 (if you did netstat as root, it
will also show 'mysqld', even for MariaDb)?

If not, check the logs to find why it isn't running. If there is, is it
bound to localhost ( If so, are you trying to access it from
other computers? If so, you need to make it listen on whatever
addresses are appropriate.

You also need to check that the right users from the right computers
with the right passwords have found their way into the mysql/MariaDb
database. This is easiest by comparing user accounts in phpmyadmin. If
you normally use phpmyadmin, then this probably hasn't been done yet.

phpmyadmin should Just Work, but it doesn't get put in the /var/www
hierarchy, and needs its own configuration file. Check that
@phpmyadmin.conf is in /etc/apache2/conf-enabled (it's a link to the
file of that name in /etc/apache2/conf-available, which in turn is a
link to /etc/phpmyadmin). Debian should have set all that up, but
clearly something is wrong. If it can't find its database server, it
should at least tell you.


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