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Re: hostname?

On 10/5/19 3:18 AM, Curt wrote:

>>> root@pix:~# hostname -f
>>> hostname: Name or service not known
>> OK
> "Name or service not known" is OK? You'd think it wouldn't be, and that
> that devil systemd, believing the static hostname for the machine is
> absent or invalid, is using the transient hostname as a fallback. 
> There must be something escaping me here.

That's what the bent host said yesterday. This morning, after the fix
(an sd command to undo some malware activity):

ghe@sbox:~$ hostname -f

sd, I've noticed, often makes other software break. Several of my
scripts, for example, started producing peculiar output and/or crashing.

In this case, it broke the vastly complex 'hostname' command.

Whatever, all is (seems to be) OK now, thanks to this list and the
duckduckgo search engine...

Glenn English

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