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Re: disk going bad? or fuser related issues? . . .

On Fri, Oct 04, 2019 at 03:38:05PM -0400, Doug McGarrett wrote:


> I bought a new computer in May or June, and it came, of course, with
> Windows [...]

"Of course"?

Next time consider giving your business to someone who goes
that extra mile and tries to sell hardware with pre-installed
Linux -- instead of complaining about Microsoft and at the same
time ramming money down their throat [1]. They *love* it.

Entering "pre-installed" and "linux" in your favourite search
engine floods you with really good hits.


[1] Yeah, this sounds harsh, and sorry for that. It's no way
   meant personally, I *know* I've chosen myself the "convenient"
   way more than once, but one has to admit that this is part
   of the problem. Bigcorps used to be free software's enemy
   no 1 -- nowadays "convenience" has taken its place.

-- tomás

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