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Re: hostname?

On 10/4/19 2:04 PM, Dan Ritter wrote:

> Righto. systemd strikes again. Here's the relevant man page
> bits:
> hostnamectl may be used to query and change the system hostname
> and related settings.
> This tool distinguishes three different hostnames: the
> high-level "pretty" hostname which might include all kinds of
> special characters (e.g. "Lennart's Laptop"), the static
> hostname which is used to initialize the kernel hostname at boot
> (e.g. "lennarts-laptop"), and the transient hostname which is a
> fallback value received from network configuration. If a static
> hostname is set, and is valid (something other than localhost),
> then the transient hostname is not used.
> ----
> In this case, systemd has helpfully decided that a name it is
> picking up from DHCP (most likely) is your system's temporary
> name. I'm not sure why anyone thought this was a good idea, but
> that's what it is.

There is no DHCP. Couldn't be that. I think.

> You can probably tell your dhcp client not to ask for the
> temporary/transient hostname, or tell systemd not to do this
> thing, but I don't know precisely how.

systemd is a mixed blessing. I'll see what I can find about this
'feature' on the web and/or the man page. Thanks for pointing me toward

And thanks to the powers that be at Debian for including a significantly
buggy piece of software in the stable release...

Where's Ian?

Glenn English

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