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Re: Authentication for telnet.

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From: David <mailto:bouncingcats@gmail.com>, Sat, 28 Sep 2019 08:15:07 -0700
> > LXTerminal for example, doesn't require authentication.  Can telnet
> > work similarly?
> ... no-one has a clue what the actual question ...

When quoting my question you must have read it.

> lxterminal runs a GUI application on your host. It
> uses libc so that your CPU can communicate directly with
> your keyboard and screen in the most efficient way possible
> in GUI land.

OK, thanks.  lxterminal has been in routine use here for more 
than five years.  As we are on the subject: does anyone give 
a password to begin every lxterminal session?

> So telnet ... is a tool for using a *network* protocol to
> communicate with a *remote* host.

> telnet manpage says
> ... communication with another host ...

localhost is a special case.  "telnet localhost" is legitimate.

> So that's not efficient at all. Every keystroke goes via the
> network stack, requiring individual client and server
> processes, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telnet

In practice, it performs fairly well.  

> So the first puzzle is why you seem to be in some way
> comparing two vastly different things, lxterminal and
> telnet.

Different but both give a "shell session" or "console" or 
whatever the correct name.

> The second puzzle is why you have a legitimate reason
> to 'telnet localhost' because none of us can think of
> a good reason. 

OK, another topic to add here.
It's a wiki.  If interested, please work on it.

> Is this question about software provided by the Debian
> project? Because that is the unspoken assumption here,
> and if that is not the case then then our answers might
> be completely irrelevant.

I might have mentioned that I use some software not in a Debian 
package but many others do also.  Didn't strike me as an essential 
point.  Not even interesting to most readers.  "Authentication for 
telnet" is a fairly specific topic.  Oh well.  Solved now.

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