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Re: hostname?

On 10/4/2019 9:00 PM, ghe wrote:
> My hostname is kinda wrong, and I can't figure out why.
> I'm working on a configuration for a Cisco PIX firewall, creating the
> config file on a host called sbox. The hostname should be sbox, but it
> claims to be pix. pix is the hostname of the firewall.
> '/etc/hostname' says sbox, but 'hostname' says pix. And in my dir, the
> CLI prompt says pix. There's obviously something going on with the pix
> config, but I can't find it.
> There's no 'pix' in /etc/hosts, the hostname file in /etc says sbox.
> rebooting doesn't help, there's no pix in .bashrc.
> There's one in the firewall config file (to assign the firewall's
> hostname), but that's way down in /home/ghe/scripts/... and it's never
> been run anywhere but ssh'd into a laptop in the next room running
> minicom attached to the PIX through the 232 console port. The laptop's
> hostname is as it should be, and I've used this method to install config
> files into Cisco routers and Cisco and Juniper firewalls for years with
> no problems
> The word 'PIX' is in sbox' interfaces file, but it's in a comment and
> it's uppercase -- the problem hostname is lower case.
> Logging in to sbox via SSH from other computers gets a pix hostname.
> I've tried grep'ing for pix in many fires and dirs, but I think it's
> finding 'pixel' because it returns eleventy million finds.
> Does anyone on this list have any idea what's going on?

What is the hostname given out by the dhcp server?

It looks to me like it is server related and not client related.

John Doe

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