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Re: OT: Reason to buy a Raspberry Pi ;-) (was Re: shell wrappers for trig and other mathematical functions)

rhkramer@gmail.com (12019-10-02):
> Anyway, my thinking on this topic is that I wouldn't mind having a program 
> dedicated to the uses the OP brought up (I keep a session of bc - l open in a 
> terminal for quick calculations).

I personally have shift-meta-letter keyboards shortcuts to start xterms
at pre-selected locations. One of them, c, gives me a 40×8 xterm on the
upper-right corner of the screen with a calculator. It is very
convenient for my use style.

It used to be bc -lq. But quite some time ago I upgraded to gp -q. It
does rational functions, which is quite enough for quick access to my


  Nicolas George

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