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Re: where to look in logs

On Tue, Oct 01, 2019 at 03:50:57PM -0400, yoda woya wrote:
> > Any other suggestions??

Use the regular dhcp server, that's packaged in Debian, and supported,
and which everyone knows how to help you with if you run into problems?

wooledg:~$ apt-cache show isc-dhcp-server
Package: isc-dhcp-server
Source: isc-dhcp
Version: 4.4.1-2
Installed-Size: 1434
Maintainer: Debian ISC DHCP Maintainers <isc-dhcp@packages.debian.org>
Architecture: amd64
Replaces: isc-dhcp-common (<= 4.3.3-1)
Depends: debconf (>= 0.5) | debconf-2.0, libc6 (>= 2.15), libdns-export1104, libirs-export161, libisc-export1100, debianutils (>= 2.8.2), lsb-base
Recommends: isc-dhcp-common, policycoreutils
Suggests: policykit-1, isc-dhcp-server-ldap
Breaks: isc-dhcp-common (<= 4.3.3-1), logcheck-database (<= 1.3.17~)
Description-en: ISC DHCP server for automatic IP address assignment
 This is the Internet Software Consortium's DHCP server.
 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a protocol like BOOTP
 (actually dhcpd includes much of the functionality of bootpd). It
 gives client machines "leases" for IP addresses and can
 automatically set their network configuration.
 This server can handle multiple ethernet interfaces.
Description-md5: 38647f497f13c9a0a99f9d9cf772d70d
Homepage: http://www.isc.org
Tag: interface::daemon, network::configuration, network::server,
 protocol::dhcp, protocol::ip, protocol::ipv6, role::program
Section: net
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/i/isc-dhcp/isc-dhcp-server_4.4.1-2_amd64.deb
Size: 547760
MD5sum: 20d93837d45f2a6a86025b17b2ea8018
SHA256: 47d1d49e3ff295bef355494180aeb400917dbdae5fdb09677ae97d174d25cddb

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