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Re: Where'd lsb-compat go?

On 7/15/19 3:54 PM, Nicolas George wrote:
Kent West (12019-07-15):
- They plainly state that they support Ubuntu 18.04, but not Debian.
So, did I get this right: this is a software, if you install it on
Ubuntu 18.04, it can tell you on what OS and version it runs, REMOTELY.
Is that it?


And a host of other information: system name, location, model, ip, netmask, mac address, RAM, drives, OS, uptime, timezone, user name, Motherboard primary and secondary bus types, processors/cores, architecture, whether it's a virtual device or not, sound cards, video cards, NICs, BIOS version, BIOS serial number, printers installed, drive encryption, the names of all 1293 programs that are installed on this particular machine I'm currently looking at, and their versions, detailed information about those apps in many cases, track licenses, show what's been installed/uninstalled since the last inventory, and how many hours ago that inventory was, currently-running processes, patching status, etc etc.

And it can push software (or remove, update, tweak it).

It can run other maintenance type tasks (add a user to sudo; move files; run scripts).

And it does this for not just Ubuntu 18.04, but if you get all your details right, also Debian 10. And Linux is the step-child; it focuses mostly Windows and Macs.

It can do these things to one machine, or a dozen that fit a certain set of criteria, or all of the machines on the network.

It can also report on other devices, such as smart-phones hitting our wireless network, or printers on the LAN, or AP devices, or smart projectors, Chrome boxes, etc, although it can't actively manage those things.

It also has helpdesk software built in (which we don't use), and license compliance capability (which we'll probably use eventually), and a self-serve customer-facing portal for installing software, installing printers, trouble-shooting, etc.

It'll run reports for the Suits - how many copies of Software XYZ, version a.b, do we have?

It's got a lot of functionality. It's got a lot of "issues" to go with that functionality, but for such a big range of functions, issues should be expected.



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