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Minimial Live Image


Im planning to install Debian in my (already Linux Mint powered) laptop. But the ISO size is huge (~2.7 GB), something beyond my per-day bandwidth limit of 1.5 GB (actually 2 GB, but .5 GB is spent in other personal things). And I also found that Debian ships with a large pack of softwares and does not have (official) support for propertiary drivers.

So what I want is a live bootable minimial ISO with a DE (a basic one is enough if DEs can be changed easily later) and a basic set of packages with support for propertiary drivers (is there anyother way to get it if Debian doesn't provide it officially ?).

My dear friends, help me, where can I find such ISOs? (No Netinst or Network boot, because of my Internet speed and other issues)

Nice day :)
J Arun Mani
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