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Upgrading to Buster but keeping Postgresql-9.6

Dear Experts,

Does anyone have any advice about the possibility of upgrading
systems from Stretch to Buster, but keeping Postgresql-9.6 for
the time being?

This is for a couple of cloud servers that are running Postgresql
with streaming replication from one to the other.  I guess my
questions are: (a) will this actually work, i.e. will Postgresql-9.6
continue to run OK with the rest of the system upgraded, and (b)
what "apt magic runes" do I need to invoke to make it happen?  I
guess this is "pinning", is it?  That's not something I've ever
had to do before.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

(Please Cc: me in any replies, so I'll see them sooner.)


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