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Apt vs Apt-get (Was: Can't Upgrade to Buster}

On 7/7/19 4:29 AM, Mark Allums wrote:

> I never heard of the difference between apt-get and apt (no -get).  Is
> this new?

I found this article that explains the differences between apt and apt-get.


The Debian Wiki has a section on apt as well.


Apt exists to simplify usage of apt-get, by consolidating the most used
options across the different "apt-get" and "apt-cache" commands into a
single interface.

IE instead of having to remember that you use "apt-cache search" instead
of "apt-get search" you can just use "apt search". "apt-get
dist-upgrade" becomes "apt full-upgrade". Things like that

Apt also has a few new commands such as "apt list" which can be used in
some nifty ways such as:

$ apt list --upgradable
To see which packages can be upgraded

$ apt list --installed
To see which packages are installed

$ apt list foo
To see which packages match the criteria

$ apt list | grep foo
To pipe the results of apt list into grep, to do some grep magic.

Apt-get and Apt-cache still work, and there are still specific functions
that they do that apt itself doesn't, but for day-to-day tasks apt works
very well, and in many ways works easier and better than apt-get and



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