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Re: etiquette of sharing executable files

On Sb, 06 iul 19, 20:34:35, mick crane wrote:
> As per recent post ( don't want to trash somebody's home directory ) I was
> wondering what is the etiquette of sharing executable files.

In my opinion one can't possibly anticipate all the ways a software can 
be (mis)used, users are ultimately responsible for their own systems.

An appropriate disclaimer (according to method of distribution) should 
be enough. 

In case you put it up somewhere public or there is the slightest chance 
it will live longer than one-time use it would be nice to potential 
(future) users to also specify a licence for it[1].

E.g. in case of a script I published on Salsa I just added the Expat 
license in the body of the script, which covers both of the above.

[1] my personal recommendation: MIT/Expat for small stuff, GPL 2/3/+ for 
bigger stuff. The licences should probably not be longer than the code 
itself ;)

Kind regards,

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