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Re: etiquette of sharing executable files

john doe (12019-07-07):
> You can never assume that your script will be used the way it should be
> so you need to make it as secure as possible and document the script
> usage with a README file for example (step 1, step 2 ...).

Dissenting opinion:

Unless there is a deliberate attempt at misdirection, the responsibility
of how a program is used does not fall on the author but on the users.
This is especially true for Libre software.

Make sure your program behave in a sane way, make sure you follow all
guidelines for good programming, including security and reliability
considerations. But that is all.


There are few things I find more annoying than programs that refuse to
what I tell them to do allegedly for my own protection. I am smarter
than any program, and that will stay true in the foreseeable future. I
think the same applies to most people here.


  Nicolas George

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