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Re: From Buster RC2 to Buster stable

Richard Hector wrote:
> On 5/07/19 10:22 PM, Tixy wrote:
>>>  Do i have to do sth (except
>>> apt-get update / upgrade) when the official Buster is released?
>> No
> Looks like there might be something to do:
> richard@rh-khost2:~$ sudo apt-get update
> Hit:1 http://mirror.fsmg.org.nz/debian buster InRelease
> Get:2 http://security.debian.org/debian-security buster/updates
> InRelease [31.1 kB]
> Reading package lists... Done
> E: Repository 'http://security.debian.org/debian-security buster/updates
> InRelease' changed its 'Suite' value from 'testing' to 'stable'
> N: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository
> can be applied. See apt-secure(8) manpage for details.
> aptitude gave the error message, but not the useful reference to
> apt-secure(8).
> Unfortunately, apt-secure(8) doesn't appear to tell me _how_ to accept
> this change ...
> It turns out that 'apt update' does ask that question, and then the
> other two work.

  thanks for the heads-up!


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