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Re: etiquette of sharing executable files

On 7/07/19 7:34 AM, mick crane wrote:
> As per recent post ( don't want to trash somebody's home directory ) I
> was wondering what is the etiquette of sharing executable files.
> I've never really thought about giving executable files to anybody but
> just recently while I'm getting my bits of code to work I was thinking
> "I have to be a bit careful what I put here because I might delete
> something I'd be unhappy about.
> And then hmmm, if I did give this to somebody else if they didn't know
> what did what they might trash they're home directory.

Yes, you should be careful about what your scripts do. And it doesn't
only apply to executables.

I was asked for my ssh keys to give me access to a server. I obviously
wasn't thinking clearly enough, and created a tar file with my
authorized_keys in it. They extracted it directly into .ssh ... and
overwrote all their existing keys.

Mistakes on both parts :-(


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