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Re: not wanting to delete somebody's home directory

On Saturday, July 06, 2019 08:31:25 AM Curt wrote:
> On 2019-07-06, songbird <songbird@anthive.com> wrote:
> >>> I'm incrementing the number by the loop and some software sees 2 as
> >>> bigger that 10 or something like this. I can probably get around that
> >>> by

I was just reading something about concrete examples (and my "conclusion" that 
I am a visual thinker that does much better with concrete examples than what 
might seem to me to be either vague or complicated wording.

Thus, I'll show an example of the (usually undesirable) sorting that occurs 
unless the proper approach is taken:  You sometimes will end up with a sort 
that like this:


(This can be extended to numbers with more digits, all the way up to an 
infinite number of digits, depending on the capability of your software -- 
extending the example is left to the reader.)

I'm sort of hoping the reason is easy to spot, as I am fighting a headache this 
morning and won't try much of an explanation.  (In general, note that all the 
numbers that start with 1 precede any number that starts with 2, and so on.)

As to a solution, I'll leave that for others (or another time) -- I think one 
approach may have already been mentioned in this thread.

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