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Re: Hosting in Spain - targeting Indonesian audience

Check AWS prices, host at nearest Datacenter and use AWS cloudfront service to cache content nearer to your audience. If it is a static content site, you could run the whole thing off of an S3 storage bucket (no OS maintenance). Can also spin up Debian instances from virtual machine snapshots. 


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> On Jul 5, 2019, at 23:36, Bagas Sanjaya <bagasdotme@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to host my website on a local hosting provider. However, the provider have datacenter in Spain, which is far
> from my targeted audiences in Indonesia. Since the datacenter is far from the audiences, I expected that my website
> speed will be somewhat slower than if I choose hosting provider which offer datacenters in Indonesia or Singapore.
> Regarding hosting type, I will choose VPS. In VPS, I will choose either Debian or CENTOS.
> Any suggestions?
> Cheers, Bagas
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