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Re: armv7 vs buster sudo complains about hostname or something

On Thursday 04 July 2019 23:38:50 andreimpopescu@gmail.com wrote:

> On Jo, 04 iul 19, 03:30:55, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Thursday 04 July 2019 02:47:50 Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> > > I seem to recall sudo cares about /etc/hosts.
> >
> > But I have that address TAB hostname.domain.name TAB alias in the
> > hosts file. No errors there.
> How about showing us (attaching) the complete file ;)
> Kind regards,
> Andrei

Attaching is difficult, I had to remount the machine. But here it is.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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