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Re: Debian Buster RC 2 wont start GUI on a Radeon HD 5750

I reported an issue to the debian-installer

As i found, the firmware included installers are unofficial
but since they do exist why not correct them.

Also i'm curious why i dont remember having issue with
the same GPU in my previous debian 9 install .

Also i'd like to see some hardware statistics of the debian


On 1/7/19 7:30 μ.μ., aprekates wrote:
Is that sth that can be corrected , or is
happening due to legal issues ?

But in the installer there is the option to use
non-free packages. So shouldnt that be reported
as an issue?


On 1/7/19 1:41 μ.μ., basti wrote:
you need:

firmware-amd-graphics *and*

I had a similar Problem last week.

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