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Re: How to have password shown?

Fingerprints are a good option

Renato Gallo 

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Quoting tomas@tuxteam.de (2019-07-03 14:12:22)
> On Wed, Jul 03, 2019 at 11:24:54AM +0000, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> > Is there any a way to have my user-password shown when logging into 
> > Debian in tty console, or also within X system when changing to 
> > root?  It is for my old father...  it'd be easier for him to see 
> > what he's typing.  In internet I found some procedures to have 
> > asterisks shown; would it be possible to have a clear text as well?  
> > Maybe it isn't as I understand...
> I think /bin/login isn't set up to allow that (at least that's what a 
> cursory reading of its man page tells me). I fear the only way for you 
> would be to modify its source and recompile...

I am aware that I am not really addressing the original poster's 
question, but possibly helpful anyway:

I can suggest to consider options where typing a password is replaced by 
presence of something physically, using packages like these:

libpam-biometric / libpam-fprintd - fingerprint
libpam-blue - bluetooth device
libpam-p11 / libpam-pkcs11 / libpam-poldi - smartcard
libpam-ssh-agent-auth - user-to-root access
libpam-yubico / libpam-u2f - hardware dongle
libpam-script - custom routine

I am curious which solutions you end up with for your father, as I am 
working on streamined¹ setup of similar use cases.

I would also appreciate constructive² opinions and feedback from anyone 
experienced with these various ways of sidestepping password-based 
system login.

 - Jonas

¹ See https://box.redpill.dk/ if curious

² Posts blindly assuming that all Debian must be treated as a fortress 
will be silently deleted

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