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Re: how to use systemd to delete old files and directories on stretch?

Sven Joachim wrote on 6/28/19 11:06 PM:

> If you cannot get systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service to do its job,
> something like this should do the trick:
> find /tmp -mindepth 1 -mtime +35 -atime +35 -delete

I was hoping to avoid having to write a script (because obviously one needs to
add some protective code around that basic invocation of find), but I guess
I'll have to do so, since it seems clear from your explanation that the
systemd folk use "age" in a way that means something quite different than its
plain and ordinary meaning. That's pretty much what I'd decided anyway, but I
was hoping that I was missing some simple systemd command that actually works
on age, not on something else.

Thanks for the reply and the explanation.


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