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Re: Giving remaja (teens) group full administrator privileges through sudo - dangerous?

On Mi, 19 iun 19, 11:06:59, Bagas Sanjaya wrote:
> Hello all Debian Users,
> Consider the hypothetical scenario below.

Your hypothetical scenario is not relevant for what you are asking.

Context for the list:
> I often encountered cases on systems in television stations when they
> configured sudoers like this snippet below:
> %remaja ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
> The rationale for above is most programs on such systems can only be
> accessed by users which are member of remaja (teens) group via sudo, so
> their sysadmins giving remaja user group full administrator privileges. Is
> it dangerous?

Knives are dangerous when used improperly, but we still have them at 

Instead of locking them away we teach children to use them safely.

Kind regards,

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