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Re: OT:hardware query

On 2019-06-29 17:17, Dan Ritter wrote:
Martin Smith wrote:
On 28/06/2019 17:11, mick crane wrote:
> The first concern if getting a new PC is that it can play the steam
> games and they are getting really pushy what they need to work.
> I never have proper available funds for this stuff these days and
> generally buy used..
> The idea is each year or so get something else and move the last one
> down to doing more useful work.
> That would mean it should have facility to attach 2 or more internal
> drives and slots for network cards.
> If that makes sense what advise something used for 200 UKP ?
> mick
if you are anywhere near london you should go to the Stratford computer fair
lots of good quality secondhand stuff

General advice:

- look for a generic PC, avoiding laptops and anything described
  as "mini".

- Don't obsess over CPUs. The last 8 years have only given
  incremental improvements.

- Look for PCIe slots on the motherboard instead of PCI.

- Look for 4 DIMM slots for RAM, either DDR3 or DDR4. DDR2 is
  too old to find in useful quantity.

- Assume that you're going to replace a spinning disk in the
  near future. As long as it has a sufficient number of SATA2 or
  SATA3 ports, you'll be fine. 4 is the minimum.

- Assume that you need to replace the graphics card in order to
  play games.


are you saying that there's not much noticeable difference between i3,i5,xeon E3,i7
with the same graphics card ?
Would seem that a processor without integrated graphics might be better ?


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