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Re: Upgrade Problem

On Friday, January 04, 2019 08:21:30 PM David Wright wrote:
> On Fri 04 Jan 2019 at 14:02:27 (-0500), Stephen P. Molnar wrote:

> > Having babbled for the last two paragraphs, I'll close buy saying that
> > I will revert to the entire installation on the same partition.
> I would advise you to keep your separate /home partition. Except for
> dot files/directories, they're independent of the OS. It makes
> reinstallation and upgrades a lot easier.

That gives me a chance to rant (gently, I hope) on one of my pet peeves and 
how I solve it.

I hink it is really inconvenient to have config information (basically the . 
files) and what I call "real user data" (that is, documents, photos, videos, 
...) combined in the same directory with the config information hidden.

(I won't go into detail on that -- if you find it convenient, more power to 

My solution: I create a separate top level directory (e.g. /<user> instead of 
/home/<user>) and store all my "real user data" in /<user>, and let the OS and 
application programs do what they want in /home/<user>.  When I upgrade or 
move to a new machine, I move (well, copy) the content of /<user> but let the 
new OS create and fool with a new /home/<user>.  

(I do preserve the content of /home/<user> from the old machine / installation 
for some period of time in case I find that I need some configuration or such 
from there.)

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