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Re: Debian 9.6 stable sourelist & how long support

Latif Shaikh wrote: 
> Hi,
> Please provide or validate the debian 9.6 stretch stable sourcelist (
> /etc/apt/sources.list) to install stable packages.
> How long support of Debian 9.6 stretch stable version

"Stretch" is the name for all 9.0+ releases; "stable" means that
the updates will fix bugs and security holes but not introduce
new behaviors or features unless absolutely necessary.

"Buster" is the name for the 10 releases. Buster will be frozen
in March of 2019, and nobody knows exactly how long it will take
to become the new "stable". April through July seems likely.
When that happens, Stretch will become "oldstable".

Stretch will continue to be supported for security issues for a
year or so. After that, it may or may not be supported by the
Debian Long Term Support team.

All of this is documented, mostly on
and related pages.


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