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Re: mpd cannot find default alsa soundcard; sudo -u mpd aplay -D default /Side_Right.wav results in desired audio output.

On 12/25/18 9:40 AM, Reco wrote:

On Tue, Dec 25, 2018 at 03:29:32PM +0100, toogley wrote:
==> any ideas?

This does not look right:

# groups mpd
mpd : audio

This means that mpd's primary group is not audio.


audio_output {
         type            "alsa"
         name            "ALSA sound card"

An absence of 'group' stanza means, according to the configuration file:

# This setting specifies the group that MPD will run as. If not
# specified primary group of user specified with "user" setting will be
# used (if set).
# This is useful if MPD needs to be a member of group such as "audio" to
# have permission to use sound card.

My suspicion is that mpd simply discards membership of 'audio' group
then run as a daemon.

So, try this /etc/mpd.conf:

group "audio"

audio_output {
         type            "alsa"
         name            "ALSA sound card"

You might go over this step-by-step to see if everything is up to snuff. https://www.htpcguides.com/create-an-mpd-music-server-on-debian/

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