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Re: compiz: Migrating to compiz-reloaded?


On 20/12/2018 10:01, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> 0.8.16 just migrated to testing, with the ability of ezoom to track
> focus events, implemented by Hypra, making it a very effective screen
> magnifier.

Thanks for this!

FYT, I attach the shortcuts that will be set by  default in Slint.


This document lists the default key and mouse bindings or shortcuts
in Compiz as shipped in Slint64-14.2.1 since upgrade 2, i.e.
Slint64-, for the plugins enabled by default.

The plugins enabled by default are, sorted by category as in the CCSM
or Compiz Config Settings Manager that can be started with the ccsm
command (typed with lower case letters):

Category General:
Category Accessibility:
Category Window Management:
Category Effects
Category Utility
  focuspoll (no key or button bindings)
  glib (no key or mouse bindings)
  mousepoll (no key or button bindings)

In the default settings indicated below the key or mouse buttons are
named like this:

Alt: Alt Key
Control: Ctrl key
Super: Windows key on most keyboards
Shift: Shift key
Button1: Left Mouse Button (if used with the right hand)
Button2: Centre Mouse Button, or click with the scroll wheel)
Button3: Right Mouse Button (if used with the right hand)
Button4: Scroll Wheel Up
Button5: Scroll Wheel Down
Button6: (I don't know, I thought that was on mouses for gamers)

IMPORTANT: when a key is written between minus than and greater than
sign, like <Control>, this key should be held while performing
the action. For instance, <Control><Alt>Tab means "Keep the Control and
Alt keys pressed while pressing Tab".

The default settings listed below by category can be changed from the
CCSM. We indicate the short name of the plugin between square brackets.

1. Category General

[core] General options, tab "key bindings":
close_window_key = <Alt>F4
raise_window_button = <Control>Button6
lower_window_button = <Alt>Button6
minimize_window_key = <Alt>F9
maximize_window_key = <Alt>F10
unmaximize_window_key = <Alt>F5
window_menu_key = <Alt>space
window_menu_button = <Alt>Button3
show_desktop_key = <Control><Alt>d
toggle_window_shaded_key = <Control><Alt>s

[matecompat] Mate Compatibility
main_menu_key = <Alt>F1
run_key = <Alt>F2

2. Category Accessibility 

[addhelper] Dim inactive (less light on non focused windows)
toggle_key = <Super>p

[colorfilter] (Filter color for accessibility purposes)
toggle_window_key = <Super><Alt>f
toggle_screen_key = <Super><Alt>d
switch_filter_key = <Super><Alt>s

[ezoom] Enhanced Zoom Desktop
zoom_in_button = <Super>Button4
zoom_out_button = <Super>Button5
zoom_box_button = <Super>Button2 (zoom out to go back to normal)

[neg] Negative (toggle inverse colors of the window or screen)
window_toggle_key = <Super>n
screen_toggle_key = <Super>m

[obs] Opacity, Brightness and Saturation adjustments
opacity_increase_button = <Alt>Button4
opacity_decrease_button = <Alt>Button5

[showmouse] (Increase visibilty of the mouse pointer)
initiate = <Super>k

5.Category Window Management

[move] Move window
initiate_button = <Alt>Button1 (hold Button1 while moving the mouse)
initiate_key = <Alt>F7 (Esc to stop moving)

[resize] Resize window
initiate_button = <Alt>Button 2 hold Button2 while moving the mouse)
initiate_key = <Alt>F8 (Esc to stop moving)

[switcher] Application switcher (switch between windows or panels and
                                 the desktop)
next_window_key = <Alt>Tab (cycle between windows)
prev_window_key = <Shift><Alt>Tab
next_panel_key = <Control><Alt>Tab (cycle between panels and desktop)
prev_panel_key = <Control><Alt>Tab

Didier Spaier

Last modified Tuesday 13 December 2018

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