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Re: do you find old firefox is better than new one?

On 12/16/18 4:32 AM, Long Wind wrote:
i have 52.9.0 and 45.9.0, both for stretch
new one often becomes unresponsive,
and i have to close it and restart it
it often happens when i first start it
maybe some function/service is blocked in China
it seems it's doing something impossible, and takes much cpu resource
but old firefox also face blocking

i can't describe it in more details or reproduce problem
I can maybe give details of what I have been experiencing. I have both

63.0 (release) and 60.3 (firefox-esr).

60.3 is pretty usable. Sometimes the CPU usage seems high, especially
if I have 20 or more tabs open, but it rarely causes an actual problem.

63 will routinely use so much CPU my system freezes due to
overheating. (I probably need a better CPU fan, but at the same time,
no other application has ever come close to doing this.) Also tabs will
freeze. I was going to say "occasionally"  but in fact it's "about
twice an hour" if I'm actually doing anything with Firefox. The result
is that I only use the ESR version. I was actually planning to file a
bug but this has been a busy couple of weeks for me. At least FF has
added a mechanism that lets me kill just the offending tab, without
having to restart the browser entirely. Unfortunately, the mechanism
involves using htop to identify the offending thread (it will generally
be using 160% of CPU, somehow) and using kill -15.


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