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Re: cross compiling for arm

On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 01:52:47AM +0000, billium wrote:


>     <p><tt>I am having problems with cross compiling a small program for
>         the BeagleBone (single board Arm Cortex A processor) on an amd64
>         PC.  I can compile the program on the BeagleBone, but would like
>         to use QTcreator on the Debian Buster desktop PC.</tt></p>

Sorry, no clue about QTcreator.

>     <p><tt>With the BeagleBone on Stretch and the development PC on
>         Buster , I use the crossbuild-essential-armhf v12.5 to produce
>         the Arm binary.  Unfortunately it uses GLIBC_2.28.  Buster
>         itself uses 2.27 and Stretch 2.24. S I cannot run my produced
>         binary.  I notice Sid uses GLIBC_2.28 but I do not want to put
>         this on a BeagleBone.  I tried buster on the BeagleBone but it
>         also uses 2.27.</tt></p>


You might want to try schroot to isolate the lib requirements of your
build host from those of your target host. It also manages QEMU for you,
should your build system be flaky in the cross build department.

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-- tomás

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