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Re: HURD and Linux on same partition

Hmm, originally sent my reply only to deloptes.

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018 05:58:51 PM deloptes wrote:
> Marek Mosiewicz wrote:
> > |Just asked if it is technically possible. Application do not call
> > 
> > kernel directly and they are using glibc library for example. I'm just
> > curios how many libraries are there for abstracting kernel and if it is
> > possible in future release to have common libraries which base on this
> > abstraction. I'm just curios so I ask.
> obviously you have no idea, so give it up, please!

Well, I'm not the OP, but I am somewhat interested more out of curiosity than 
any real intent to try the HURD.

I suspect the following:

   * Libraries (and other software) in source form might be valid / work for 
either kernel, but they have to be compiled for the specific kernel they are to 
be used on, and once in compiled / binary form, they won't work on the other 

   * Is there any way to have libraries compiled for both kernels on the same 
partition -- well, I suppose so (different directories, or maybe even named 
differently?), but the complexity and potential for confusion just wouldn't 
seem worth it to me -- what would be the reason to do that?

On separate partitions, you could boot to a specific kernel (well,  I hope you 
know what I'm trying to say), and then fstab could be adjusted to mount the 
appropriate partitions with the binaries for that kernel / OS.

If anybody can correct / clarify my suspicions, I would be interested.


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