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Re: dd: error reading '/dev/sr0': Input/output error

md wrote:
> Using an old PATA-to-USB cable, I attached a 15 year old PATA DVD Drive to
> the SATA based computer I've been using.  With this drive (/dev/sr1), dd
> seems to working fine without having to precede it with dvdbackup -M.
Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> But aren't those copied sectors still scrambled ?
> (Can you play all the video files that were copied ?)

I don't know if they are scrambled. I suspect so. 
First 30 min of 3 iso's tested fine on Win7 using VLC > OpenFile. 
They play just like the optical disk. 
Temporary. Easier/safer than discs in the station wagon on road trips. YMPGMV

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