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Re: Debian social

On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 11:13:35PM +0000, Brian wrote:
On Mon 10 Dec 2018 at 17:47:20 -0500, Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:
I *thought* there used to be a Debian-Offtopic (or off-topic)
listserv, but I don't see it listed on the listserv homepage [0]...
which is where I THOUGHT I saw it listed.

Your memory is good; #427218 and #425439. All trace of the -offtopic
list appears to have disappeared from history.

My recollection (although I never subscribed to it) was it was not
hosted on the Debian list infrastructure.

#425439 seems to suggest a list fitting the bill (d-user-offtopic) was
hosted on Alioth, which seems likely to be one and the same


It looks like the list died with Alioth (and was not ported to

That never worked. People intent on disrupting -user stayed there and
continued their disruptive work.

I concur.


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