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Re: About /dev/sr impatience with automatic tray loading


i wrote:
> > I know some more such dumplings.

Gene Heskett wrote:
> So do I, Thomas, but this is supposedly a polite list. :)

I actually meant the bugs, not the bug makers whose sympathy is probably
needed to ever get the bugs fixed.
(When pointing with one finger at others, three fingers are pointing back
 to oneself ...)

The tray loading bug is not as embarrassing as the SG_IO concurrency bug
(two concurrent burns on different /dev/sr are awfully slow) and the
CD read-ahead bug (i/o errors when trying to read valid blocks near
the end of a CD that was written with write type Track-At-Once).

> >   http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail//linux/kernel/0807.0/0287.html
> > (The culprits already suffered duely. Hehehe.)

> And rather than fix it, walked away.

They fixed several negative consequences of the necessary change.
But obviously they did not assess all callers of sr_drive_status() whether
they depended on the loop at its inappropriate position in the code.
I did not, either, but only found one left-over and needed several
curious attempts during 2.5 years to finally understand what happened.

Have a nice day :)


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