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<<SOLVED>> Re: Looking for a "friendly" e-mail service

On Monday, November 26, 2018 9:37:21 AM EST Mark Neidorff wrote:


> It is time for me to give the static IP back and stop being my own e-mail

> service. I'm moving from my static IP to Verizon FIOS, but I don't think

> that really matters.


> If you know of an e-mail service that allows me POP3 and SMTP connections,

> would you please post it in a reply.


Thank you all for your suggestions. I found that Ionos (used to be 1&1 for those with long memories) gives me the best bang for the buck. The accept mail for my domain (so I don't have to resubscribe to everything), provide pop3 and imap access, have a 2Gb limit on the contents of the mailbox (not on traffic) for $1 per month. For $2 per month, they allow up to 20 user names under the same domain. More storage is available for more money. Their help was excellent, and the process of getting set up was easy.


Certainly they are not the only company to provide this service, but they suit my needs.


Thanks to everyone,



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