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Re: Making a modal window

On Monday 10 December 2018 00:33:21 Rusi Mody wrote:

> [J Arun Mani]
> Look up kiosk instead of DM maybe?
> eg https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Kiosk
> [Gene/Brian] Yeah I find your surprise surprising...
> All operating systems (except MSDOS!) have a detailed notion of
> protection levels,
Never used dos. Color Computers with os9, adding amigados, then linux 
from 1998. And the color computer is running right now. os9, now Nitros9 
is a unix like but no security other than a login password if coming in 
thru an rs232 connection.

> the basic point being that all users are NOT equal. 
This is true..

> And OS progress happens when this notion is refined more and more. For
> example we have users and groups then we have ACL and cgroups and
> other more modern zany stuff I don't understand pretend to understand!

All of which to me are not progress but bloat, slowing the machine. OTOH 
I am the only user here, and finding I have to sudo before I can run 
something just to check/read something, AND have to have the path to it 
memorized because like you, whats a cgroup? ACL's I might get used to, 
but more and more its all a PIMA, often caused by pam and its poor to 
non-existant docs, but its damned sure keeping me from doing something 
I've been doing since my first red hat 5.0 install. For instance I can 
ssh -Y from this wheezy box to any other wheezy box w/o a problem, but I 
have yet to find the magic twanger to make it Just Work to a jessie or 
stretch install. Then someone else has decreed there is no network until 
a user has logged in from the machines own keyboard.  Someone has 
decided its a security hole without understanding that they are making 
life a cast iron bitch for someone like you or me.

> All having the basic requirement (like the OP) that some users be
> prevented from doing some things that they very much would want to do
> egs
> 1 Try removing youtube from android
> Phone and you will find it's not possible.
> 2 I used to teach computer science at the university. And at a time
> when a single large mini was shared by all there was this dilemma:
> Give students root access and have them learn about operating systems
> but putting  other people's stuff at jeopardy. Or let them be ordinary
> users and not be able to try out things at the OS level.

The latter is not teaching CS, its teaching how to be dumb users, which 
to me is no better that mom & pop buying them a lappy and a net cable, 
they can learn that on their own, while letting a virus removal shop 
make a good living.

> 3 Parent doesn't mind child breaking the computer but would not like
> child to visit certain websites

Which is good on the face of it, but those web sites change addresses 
weekly, so its a lost cause, your 10 year old IS gonna find the porno. 
Changes in how his/her body acts is something the parents seem to have 
abdicated the explanation of such to the child, and that is a parental 
duty whether you have cows and pigs in the barn, and chickens in the 
yard, or are in the middle of star city.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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