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Re: Making a modal window

On Sun, 9 Dec 2018, Gene Heskett wrote:

On Sunday 09 December 2018 13:03:53 J.Arun Mani wrote:

I'm making a project(using Python3)

First, I fail to see why you should even be able to lock a computer away from its user. Thats the first question thatought to be answered.

I think it's good for you Gene to fail in that fashion. Builds character, or something. Is the OP a student, and is his "project" part of a "course" he's taking at a "school" somewhere?

I love to witness the epic fail modes into which you geniuses (think Brian and Gene) fall whenever the subject matter drags you only a short distance away from your chosen areas of tech competence. What a hoot.

I'd simply help the guy out, rather make his day more difficult than it already is, but I don't know crap about programming any kind of window.

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